Jaguar 340S 1968

By February 3, 2013Previous Classic Car Entries

In quite outstanding condition. The Jaguar 340 is powered by the famous XK 3.4 lit. twin-cam producing 210 bhp. This is a quick car, top speed over 120 mph. The car on offer is in concourse condition. Chrome wire wheels and manual gear box. Can anyone please tell me why there is a £10,000 difference from a 3.4 to a 340? OK she does not have leather or fog lights and the bumpers are slimmer. To me it just makes this car a fantastic buy. You must come and view. Has had massive bills for super bare metal respray. Headlining, woodwork, new wheels etc etc. Finished in red with black trim and wooden dashboard.

Condition: 1+ Concours
Estimated sale price: £12,500 – £14,500

Sold for £14,310 at our January 2014 Classic Car Auction.