Lot *REMOVED FROM SALE* Austin 12/4 1931
1931 | Austin 12/4 | Blue | 133 (Not Warranted) Miles
*Due to unforeseeable circumstances this Austin 12/4 has been removed from the sale*   Auctioneers Notes Sadly, this car has come to market due to the passing of the vendor.  I do like this period 1925 - 1935.  This car is set off by its artillery wheels.  She is a...
Lot 1 Wolseley 16/60 1970
1970 | Wolseley 16/60 | Grey | 85,976 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £1,600 + buyers premium
Description form The Vendor: I purchased the car on 03/08/2016 and I used it occasionally over the next couple of years. Health coomplications then prevented me from using her and the car stood unused for the last 2-3 years. The car has deteriorated in that time and now requires some...
Lot 2 Jaguar XJ6 V6 2004
2004 | Jaguar XJ6 V6 | Blue | 52,243 (Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £3,050 + buyers premium
Auctioneer's notes: This is a superb car and fantastic value for money.  She has the original Service Book with 13 Stamps, the majority of them are main agents.  To complete the book pack you will find the owner's handbook, audio system plus a full Gov.UK MOT printout.  Come and view...
Lot 3 Triumph Bonneville ‘Royal’ LE (No. 95 out of 125) 1982
1982 | Triumph Bonneville | Grey | 43,939 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £3,900 + buyers premium
Description from The Vendor: Click here to see a handwritten description from The Vendor   Auctioneer's notes: This is a very rare Bonneville, It is called a Royal as 125 were made to celebrate the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.  They had to obtain permission from H.M...
Lot 4 Ford Cortina 1600E 1970
1970 | Ford Cortina 1600E | Purple | 89,497 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £3,500 + buyers premium
*The video shows the car running off of a petrol can and not off of it's own tank Auctioneer's notes: The 1600 E deserves to be restored, the engine runs, but the brakes and clutch need attention.  It appears from the information from DVLA that she has not been taxed...
Lot 5 Mercedes S500 1994
1994 | Mercedes S500 | Black | 144,386 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £575 + buyers premium
Auctioneer's notes: These cars were at the top of the Mercedes Benz Range in the nineties.  At that time they had every possible luxury fittings.  Double glazing, air conditioning, electric memory seats etc. etc.  Now to the condition of the car, she is definitely not a show queen.  She is...
Lot 6 Toyota MR2 Convertible 2001
2001 | Toyota MR2 Convertible | Silver | 64,514 (Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £525 + buyers premium
Description from The Vendor: Owned by husband and wife since 2001. Regular use till 2017. Now SORN with no MOT. Condition: Good Chassis sound, no oil leakage. Clutch & brakes renewed Circa 2014/2015> SMT transmission activator failed so no 2nd, 3rd, and reverse. Will run in 1st and 3rd. The...
Lot 7 Mercedes 200TE Auto 1993
1993 | Mercedes 200TE Auto | White | 135,515 (Warranted) Miles
Auctioneer's notes: This is a great opportunity of acquiring one of these sought-after estate cars.  Although she could do with a little TLC, having said that, she has an excellent history file which includes Handbooks, Owners Manual, and, most importantly, the service book which has 14 stamps plus a Gov....
Lot 8 Mercedes SLK320 Auto 2000
2000 | Mercedes SLK320 Auto | Silver | 80,700 (Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £3,000 + buyers premium
Description from The Vendor: I acquired the vehicle on 13/08/15 and my SLK320 Convertible has traveled fewer than 5,000 miles since then. I collect cars with great engines and the Mercedes 3.2L V6 petrol is, in my opinion, a superb powerhouse. Maintained by me and my trusted local garage, there...
Lot 9 Rover P6 3500 1971
1971 | Rover P6 3500 | Brown | TBC Miles
Sold For: £1,800 + buyers premium
Description from The Vendor: I bought this vehicle in May 2013, the car was pretty much the same condition as you see it in now except it was a non-runner. It underwent a complete engine rebuild and since then she has been my daily runaround. It has power steering, halogen...