Austin Mini 1966 entered into the July 25th Classic Car Auction.

This Mini was first registered on 14/03/1966 by Mr Francis Wesley Rogers of Cheadle. He kept the vehicle until his passing. Tax discs from 1987 to 1997. The vehicle was stored in a garage until 2007 when the current vendor purchased it from the nephew of Mr Rogers. Vehicle check from the purchase included. The Mini has since been stored in a garage to present date. The 28,486 miles are genuine and the engine is original and sounds superb. I must impress upon you that this car is 100% original, perhaps not concours but certainly condition 1 and that is no exaggeration. She has had seat covers on from new and the underside is very clean and she has a new exhaust.

Additional information on the MK1 Mini:
The Mark I Mini was the first version of British Motor Corporation’s Mini. It is characterised by its sliding windows, external door hinges and “moustache” grille. In the United Kingdom the Mark I was produced between 1959 and 1967. The proposed engine size was originally 948 cc. However, Leonard Lord, chairman of BMC thought that the 90 mph (140 km/h) top speed was excessive and thus reduced the engine size to 848 cc to gain a more manageable speed (for the time) of 72 mph (116 km/h).
Condition: 1 Estimated sale price: £6000 -£7000

Selling price: £6360

  • Reg number: MBF13D
  • Date of registration: 14/03/1966
  • Mileage: 28,436 (warranted)
  • MOT: no
  • Tax: no

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