Ford Escort RS1600 MK1 BDA 1972 – To be auctioned 27-01-17

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The vendor purchased this car on 20th October 1984 and after finding several faults with the vehicle he striped the car down completely and below is a list of the work carried out on this beautiful classic. The current owner was informed by the previous owner that the engine had been built by John Wilcox of Leicester and work carried out is also listed below.
New front wings were fitted on both sides, together with the front panel and slam panel.
The floor was welded in various places along with rear arch welding and the vehicle had a bare metal respray.
The engine was re-bored to 1700cc
High Lift Cams BD3
Lightened and balance Flywheel and several new parts fitted.
Bilstein Rear Shockers.
Stainless Steel Brake Hoses.
Discs to fron wheels.
Badges to front, rear and sides. Transfers to wheel centres.
New battery and an Aldon Automotive electronic ignition was fitted.
Plug leads, fuel filter and new fuel lines.
The petrol tank was rusty inside and was blocked with old petrol gunge, this was chemically cleaned with acid which was washed round for several days, it was pressure washed out, a coat of primer was then applied, it was rotated and the excess was drained then left for a week to dry. A final coat of paint was then applied, rotated, excess drained and left to dry again and was then reassembled into the vehicle.
The oil and oil filter was renewed and the vehicle has done 0 miles since this has been done.
The steering wheel was recovered by the original Ford manufacturer.
A new handbrake cable, throttle cable, chock cable and bonnets cables wereall changed and components were fitted.
World Cup engine mounts.
The engine requires a fuel addative to be added to Super Unleaded Petrol and this is located in the boot.
The vehicle comes complete with the original old V5 document
Auctioneers Notes: We have contacted the Ford AVO Owners Club to confirm the vehicles authenticity and they confirmed the status of the vehicle as being a genuine Ford Escort BDA RS 1600. Please note that this beautiful model has not been used since 1985. The car number is 413 which indicates it is the 413th RS 1600 which was made. It may have been noted that the seats are not original, the vendor has a set of original RS seats which he will give to the purchaser free of charge, the buyer will have to collect but they will need recovering.
Estimated sale price: £35,000 – 38,000