Goggomobil 1960

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Goggomobil 1960 entered into the January 30th Classic Car Auction.

This goggomobile appears to have been sold in London in 1960 as a right hand drive version. Originally built at the Glas factory in Germany. There are a few pages of an old catalogue showing part of the history of the Glas company that built this microcar. It lived in London changing hands 3 times until the previous owner moved to this area. He kept the car for 15 years having it regularly looked after by a local garage until one day the engine failed. When it came to be repared it was evident that the engine was in fact a T400. The original buff logbook was still with the car and was showing the car to be a regent T300 in error and the last owner even bought the 300 emblem to fit the dash, however when he came to purchase parts it was quite eveident that it was a T400 engine that was fitted to the car. Whether this was an error on the logbook he did not know and was unaware of any replacement engine being fitted. Either way he rebuilt the engine (bills for all parts enclosed) and enjoyed the vehicle for a total of 22 years. There are several old MOT’s for the vehicle including all parts for the T400 engine rebuild. It also comes with the original handbook and workshop manual. The appealing cherished number 505ALN stays with the car but unfortunately is not transferable.

Condition: 1-2  Estimated sale price: £4000 – £5000

  • Reg number:505ALN
  • Date of registration: 13-08-1960
  • Mileage: 33,000 (not warranted)
  • MOT: 05-06-2015

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