Ferguson T20 Tractor 1953 – SOLD £1600

Ferguson T20 Tractor 1953 - SOLD £1600

Locally owned by a village sports and cricket club since approximately the late 1970’s. Used regularly on a weekly basis for sports field maintenance (grass cutting etc). Only being sold as a grant was given to aquire a new tractor. It does have a registration number on the back but it is unknown whether this is applicable as the sports club cannot locate the paperwork. Fitted with turf tyres, it has been regularly maintained and is offered with 2x P.T.O shafts (small spine and large spine for old or modern machinery). “it has been a loyal servant to us and we are all sad to see it go”.
  • Condition: 3
  • Reg number:N/A
  • Date of registration: 01-01-1953
  • Mileage:N/A  (not warranted)
  • MOT: N/A