Daimler V8 250 Auto 1964 – SOLD £12,296

Daimler V8 250 Auto 1964 - SOLD £12,296

The first owner of this Daimler V8 250 was an elderly gentleman who’s wife used the car infrequently after his death in around 1971. At some point after that the car was put into storage and forgotten about for many years. This is shown in the service history which dates from 1964 when the mileage was 543 up until 1971 when it was 22,990. The car was then unearthed in the late 80’s/ early 90’s. Whilst in storage the paintwork and carpets had deteriorated and the engine had seized. The car was sold and the engine was repaired, the body was re-sprayed and new carpets were fitted. The current owner then used the vehicle for some time, unfortunately we do not know of this owners details but there are photographs of a young couple using it. At some point it was owned by Baron William Charles Taxis of Ludlow who are believed to have used it for some years as a wedding car. In 1992 it was bought by a Mr Whittaker when the mileage was approximately 36,000 (MOT’s from 1992 to 1998 show mileage 36,444 – 39,429). A Mr Barker then purchased the vehicle in 1998 when the mileage was 39,484 and imported it to Jersey. During his ownership a lot of major work was undertaken including brakes rebuilt, new chrome wire wheels fitted, stainless steel exhaust including manifold fitted, gearbox bands/ clutches replaced, new radiator, new fan, new heater matrix, new thermostat and housing, kenlowe fan, electronic ignition, new oil filter housing, all interior leather replaced with new in the original colour, new carpets again in the original colour, woodwork stripped down and re-lacquered, new fuel pipes, electronic fuel pump and new water pump and pulleys. In 2014 Mr Baker sold the vehicle because he decided it was too large to garage and he rarely used it, it was then passed onto a Mr Lickley and then the vendor.
Engine number: 7A6185
Chassis number: 1A5663BW
Will need UK registering, we will assist.
  • Condition: Body: 2   Interior:1
  • Reg number: 38058
  • Date of registration: 02-09-1964
  • Mileage: 42,000  (not warranted)
  • MOT: –