Volvo 131 1966 – SOLD £6466

Volvo 131 1966.

n 1956, a prototype of a new passenger car from Volvo was released. The car became known as the Amazon in Sweden and badged the 121 and 122S on the export market. In September 1961, yet another version based on the 121/122S was presented, a two door saloon. This version was an eagerly awaited model, particularly by the Swedish market, as Sweden was a typical market for two door cars at that time. Technically, there was no difference between the two models although the doors were longer on the new two door model to make it easier to get into the rear seat. The rear side windows could be opened at the rear edge to improve ventilation. The two door version was somewhat lighter; it was also regarded as a sportier version and was therefore used in competitions, both within the rallying and motor racing fraternity. It became known as the 131

Presented today is a car that the previous owner purchased in Sheffield in 2008. Prior to this the car was lying up in a dry barn for 15 years. The mileage then was recorded as 39000 meaning that this car has subsequently clocked up 40,000 miles as a daily driver. To achieve this in comfort and with reliability, the previous owner carried out a large number of improvements. These included adding an overdrive unit to the gearbox along with new clutch and prop shaft to allow for unstressed motorway driving.  He also fitted the leather seats of out a Volvo C70 which are a huge improvement in looks and comfort to the originals. 4 new seat belts were fitted. Engine work included fitting a D camshaft along with the head getting new valve seals and conversion for unleaded. New SU carbs along with k&n filters were fitted. Suspension upgrade work included fitting IPD polybushes all round along with Les JoFors springs and new shocks. Tyres, exhaust,  wheel bearings, balljoints, track rod ends, trailing arms, steering idler bush, and new brakes all round have also been replaced. The result is an eye catching, solid, reliable car that will cruise all day at 80MPH at 3000RPM on the motorway whilst returning 30 MPG. Comes with owner’s manual, factory workshop manuals some old MOTS and a large array of literature and bills.  There is also a memory stick containing more files on the work carried out.

The car is currently registered in Southern Ireland. No VAT or duties are due on importation. We will provide NOVA certification and assist with reregistration in UK.


  • Condition:1- 2
  • Reg number: NNU615D
  • Date of registration: 17-08-1966
  • Mileage: 79,000 (not warranted)
  • MOT: 8-7-2016
  • SOLD: £6466