Lincoln Zephyr V12 1946 – SOLD £16,324

Lincoln Zephyr V12 1946.

The Lincoln Zephyr V12 4 door sedan H series body type was produced between 1946 and 1948 with the later 4990cc engine (305CID-BBI 130 BHP). The Lincoln H Series is a full size luxury car.
This Lincoln has been subject to a 12 month documented restoration. From the beggining there was absolutley no rust in the vehicle. Having had a total engine rebuild at a cost of over £7000. A well detailed under bonnet refirbishment to a high standard with original horns. The body has been refurbished to the same high standard with plenty of chrome. Total restoration costs of £18,000. Also comes with original restored rear wheel spats. A beautiful looking Lincoln.

  • Condition: 1
  • Reg number: HAS277
  • Date of registration: 01-01-1946
  • Mileage: 43,983 (warranted)
  • MOT: N/A
  • SOLD: £16,324