Triumph TR7 Convertible 1981 – SOLD £3400

Triumph TR7 1981.

The vendor has owned this car since 1988. It has uprated brakes with vented discs, uprated spax suspension with 200LB springs,uprated rubber bushes. Full stainless steel large bore exhaust. with 4 branch manifold. Thermostatic electric fan with override switch,Rover seats,padded roll bar.
Had a full restoration and respray in 2002. All old mots. It has had a second hand speedo change but not been documented.

  • Condition: 1/2
  • Reg number: JRD74W
  • Date of registration: 07-02.1981
  • Mileage: 48133 (not warranted)
  • MOT: 30 June 2016
  • SOLD: £3400