MG B GT Coupe 1973 entered into July 25th Classic Car Auction

Current registered owner for 28 years, and only three former keepers. Mileage reading 21,000, not warranted. White with dark blue trim. A regularly used and well maintained BGT which looks and drives very well with correctly working overdrive. Always garaged and rarely used in the wet. Converted to use unleaded fuel. Upgraded seatbelts and CD player. In good order throughout. Historic vehicle and so tax exempt.

Available for viewing by appointment.

  • Reg number: HOV126L
  • Date of registration: 08/05/1973
  • Mileage: 21,000 (not warranted)
  • MOT: 28/03/2015
  • Tax: 31/03/2015

Condition: 1 Estimated sale price: £2,000 – £3,000

Selling price: £3710

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Additional information on the MG B GT

“In structure the MGB was an innovative, modern, design in 1962, utilizing a monocoque structure instead of the traditional body-on-frame construction used on both the MGA and MG T-types and the MGB’s rival, the Triumph TR series. However components such as brakes and suspension were developments of the earlier 1955 MGA with the B-Series engine having its origins in 1947. The lightweight design reduced manufacturing costs while adding to overall vehicle strength. Wind-up windows were standard, and a comfortable driver’s compartment offered plenty of legroom. A parcel shelf was fitted behind the seats.

The MGB’s performance was considered brisk at the time of its introduction, with a 0–60 mph (96 km/h) time of just over 11 seconds, aided by the relatively light weight of the car. Handling was one of the MGB’s strong points. The 3-bearing 1798 cc B-Series engine produced 95 hp (71 kW) at 5,400 rpm. The engine was upgraded in October 1964 to a five-bearing crankshaft in an effort to improve reliability. The majority of MGBs were exported to United States. In 1975, as US air pollution emission standards became more rigorous, US-market MGBs were de-tuned for compliance. As well as a marked reduction in performance, the MGB gained an inch (25 mm) in ride height and the distinctive rubber bumpers which came to replace the chrome for all markets.”


“When launched in May 1962, the MGB was to become for many, the epitome of the modern British sportscar; who would have thought that this MG model with its stunning lines would prove to be the last MG to be built at the famous Abingdon factory. The MGB was in continuous production up until the closure of Abingdon in October 1980 and throughout its 18 year life span the basic body shape remained unaltered. This was apart from the post 1975 models sporting impact resistant black bumpers front and rear, primarily to meet the American safety legislation. The affordable MGB spawned many variants along the way and this was from a car that was mainly intended to be a two seater replacement for the hugely successful MGA. The GT version was announced in October 1965 and was an overnight success, again it was an affordable and very practical car that could carry two additional (although small framed) passengers in the rear compartment. The rear seat back could be folded to give a large luggage platform which was accessed from the stylish rear tailgate.”

Source: MG Owners Club

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