Lot 1 Bentley 2 Seater Sports “Special” 1949
1949 | Bentley 2 Seater Sports "Special" | Unlisted | None Miles
Sold For: £16250 + buyers premium
LLG195 is the second Bentley (see lot 61) that the late Mr Wells started to make into a special in the 1990's. All the hard work has been done ie moving the engine back 18 inches, shortening the propshaft and making a new bulkhead, the aluminium special body is all...
Lot 2 Mercedes 450 SLC 1980
1980 | Mercedes 450 SLC | Silver | 106 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £1150 + buyers premium
Mercedes Benz 450 SLC Auto - 1980 This vehicle is being sold with no reserve. It is being sold as a vehicle for future owners to either repair or for spares. Estimated Sale Price - No Reserve
Lot 3 Rover 2000 SC Auto 1972
1972 | Rover 2000 SC Auto | Blue | 91,411 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £575 + buyers premium
This Rover has been owned by the vendor since 2007. history file includes old MOTs back to 1990. Last serviced in August 2016 and failed its MOT in September 2016. Stainless steel exhaust fitted, driver and front passenger seat re-upholstered, battery replaced and modern speakers and head unit fitted. Auctioneers...
Lot 4 Mercedes 380SL Auto 1984
1984 | Mercedes 380SL Auto | White | 103,900 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £3600 + buyers premium
This Mercedes 380 SL Auto is being sold as a running project with no reserve. The history file includes MOTs from 1996 when the mileage was 97,926 up to 2006 when the mileage was 103,881 presumably the vehicle was then taken off the road as it has not had an...
Lot 5 Daimler Double Six LWB 1996
1996 | Daimler Double Six LWB | Green | 81,000 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £3000 + buyers premium
This is a very rare chance to own a Daimler 6 litre V12 double six long wheelbase. Supplied new to the Japanese Royal family in 1996. This car has been well looked after and comes with a comprehensive folder of paperwork. Headlining in good condition and the car went through...
Lot 6 Morris Marina Sun-Tor 1974
1974 | Morris Marina Sun-Tor | Gold | 4250 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £1750 + buyers premium
Morris marina Sun-Tor chassis no.mav9h12281m built by Torcars of Torrington Devon and based on the 10cwt Marina van with BMC A series engine. Without doubt these were the company's most successful conversion. Despite the size of the van, the conversions were fully functional with an elevating roof and redesigned front...
Lot 7 Rover 820 SI Auto 1999
1999 | Rover 820 SI Auto | Red | 57,000 (Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £700 + buyers premium
The Rover 800 replaced the SD1 in 1986 and continued until it was replaced by the Rover 75 in 1998. The two cars ran concurrently for a short period of time and the Rover 820si here is one of those very late models. Already an unusual sight on the roads...
Lot 8 Austin Allegro L 1980
1980 | Austin Allegro L | Beige | 73,533 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £550 + buyers premium
This Austin Allegro L 1.3 is a great entry level British classic car. The vendor states the body is good and has been well looked after. 5 registered keepers from new. Great starter classic for local car shows. Auctioneers notes: Who loves you baby?
Lot 9 Rover 100 Ascot 1997
1997 | Rover 100 Ascot | Blue | 18,700 (Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £300 + buyers premium
This Rover Ascot has had one owner and has covered just 18,000 miles from new. Loads of old MOTs and invoices, book pack and service book containing 6 service stamps. Auctioneers notes: One lady owner from new, what a snip.
Lot 10 Mercedes 190E Auto 1990
1990 | Mercedes 190E Auto | Blue | 79,992 (Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £1250 + buyers premium
This Mercedes 190E has been entered by the private lady owner who acquired the vehicle when her husband passed away in 2015. Due to the fact that she gave up driving because of ill health around the same time, the vehicle has not been driven since then and has been...
Lot 11 Range Rover Suffix A 1972
1972 | Rover Range Rover Suffix A | Grey | 205,621 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £1300 + buyers premium
The original Range Rover was released in June 1970 and was an instant success, with demand far outstripping the 100 cars per week Rover could supply… with even the Queen wanting one! Early models are now known by their chassis suffix, with the earliest being the Suffix A (1970-72), and...
Lot 12 Toyota Supra Auto 1986
1986 | Toyota Supra Auto | Beige | 101-862 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £1400 + buyers premium
This Toyota Supra has been owned by the vendor since 2012 and has been kept under cover and only driven in the summer months during his ownership. Although the car has no history the vendor states he has traced back all former keepers was planning on finding out if any...
Lot 13 BMW 328i Convertible 1997
1997 | BMW 328i Convertible | Black | 97,000 (Not Warranted) Miles
Some old MOTs and invoices. Driven to the auction from St Austell in Cornwall. Auctioneers notes: This car comes with a works hard top, full leather interior and comes with its re-chargable torch. Looks to be in very solid order.
Lot 14 Audi Quattro 1989
1989 | Audi Quattro | Red | 115,000 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £1100 + buyers premium
Family owned for over 15 years + 2 other keepers. All books in book pack including service history 15 stamps and old tax discs. Service bill for £630.72 in may 2015 and last MOT with no advisories. Auctioneers notes: 2.2 litre 4x4 = a lot of fun!
Lot 15 Citroen CX Reflex/ Familiale 1985
1985 | Citroen CX Reflex/ Familiale | Silver | 16,000 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £300 + buyers premium
Stored for 15 years. Recently recommissioned, new hydraulics, 6 months MOT. Auctioneers notes: These cars are so rare. She is not mint and could do with a paint but there is no rust.
Lot 16 Ford P100 Pick Up
1993 | Ford P100 Pick Up | White | 85,740 (Not Warranted) Miles
Sold For: £800 + buyers premium
This is a very tidy truck for the year. The vendor states it has a good 1.8 turbo diesel engine and it runs well. The vehicle has just had a brand new MOT with no advisories. It has also just had a full service together with two new tyres. The...

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