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South Western Vehicle Auctions prides itself on offering a quality service for buyers and sellers. To help make the process even better, we have introduced a vehicle grading system on all entries in our car and commercial auctions. Our experienced staff inspect and photograph every car, providing an overall grade for both the interior and exterior condition. Grading description – Below you will see what each grade means for each vehicle.

Exterior Condition: Grades A – E

GRADE A – A clean vehicle with a condition that equates to its age and mileage. There may be some minor damage such as light scratches or small chips to the paintwork that can be fixed with some light touch up work. The car may also need some amount of polishing and some minor part replacement. Estimated cost of repairs is approximately £150.

GRADE B – This vehicle will require a small amount of SMART repair, such as local paint repairs and some minor parts could possibly require replacement. Estimated cost of repairs is approximately £300.

GRADE C – This vehicle may need some body shop repair, up to two panels worth of work. It may also need some replacement parts and/or SMART repair. Estimated cost of these repairs is approximately £450.

GRADE D – Requires up to three panels of body shop repair. Will also require replacement parts and/or SMART repair. Estimated cost of repairs is approximately £750.

GRADE E – Vehicle is in a condition that requires a high level of restoration and/or refurbishment work. Poor condition means that it will need a lot of work to be retail ready.

Interior Condition: Grades 1-3

GRADE 1 (A) – Overall in good clean condition reflecting the vehicles age and mileage. May require a minor valet.

GRADE 2 (B) – Interior condition is dirty and will require a thorough professional valet to reach a retail standard. May need some SMART repair work.

GRADE 3 (C) – Damaged interior and/or stains to upholstery or fixtures. May need replacement parts and will need a high level of valeting to make the vehicle retail ready.

SWVA now uses an image only inspection for vehicles over 10 years of age. The image set includes a view from all 4 angles along with a condition grade which enables Livebid users to make a quick visual appraisal of the vehicle. Cars under 10 years of age will continue to be inspected in the normal manner.

Please be aware that the grades given to both the exterior and interior are just a general description to act as a guide. Estimated costs are not to be used as an accurate cost of repair. If you have any queries about the grading system, please contact us.

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